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Your High School Diploma Study Pathway

Complete your high school education and obtain an International Cambridge A levels while working on your Bachelor Degree

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Beginner (A1) : 601/2327/8
Improver (A2): 601/2328/X
Intermediate (B1): 601/1930/5
Independent (B2): 601/1931/7
Advanced (C1): 601/1932/9
Proficient (C2): 601/1933/0

London Virtual Academy

Unlock the world with Nisai Group’s unparalleled English language course, guided by our team of highly qualified teachers. Experience a transformative learning journey through our innovative Nisai platform, offering live lessons that bridge the gap between classroom and virtual interaction.

Our B2B contacts ensure real-world language application, while the following cutting-edge technologies enhance your language learning experience:
– WordQ technologies
– Unit of Sound technology that fine-tunes your pronunciation and comprehension for rapid progress.
– English Culture Clubs

Join us today and empower yourself with the language skills you need to conquer boundaries and seize global opportunities. Your fluency is our commitment.

Study Model :
Live Lessons from London
International Certificate

TOEFL IBT preparation

Our comprehensive TOEFL iBT preparation program is designed to elevate your English proficiency for success. Nisai’s expert educators bring interactive online classes that cover all exam sections, while Alumnize offers personalized practice tests mirroring the real exam.

Explore a comprehensive range of lessons and activities, covering all four essential skills for TOEFL exams – Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing – provided by Alumnize and its partners. As a bonus, you can take advantage of complimentary pre-tests and mock exams.

By harnessing the successful online education practices of Nisai and Alumnize’s customized approach to improving language proficiency, you can connect with our specialized tutors. These educators are equipped to teach the academic English required for the TOEFL iBT test, bringing together the best of both worlds for your language learning journey.

Join us to unlock your highest TOEFL iBT potential and open doors to global opportunities!

Students and Professionals
Online, Hybrid,
or Onsite Courses
Practice your TOEFL test

Practice for your TOEFL iBT test anytime, anywhere, for free, with the TOEFL Go!® app. Available through your internet browser (desktop and mobile friendly)

Cambridge Baccalaureate
International A-Level

Success in Cambridge qualifications often gives students admission to the world’s best universities – in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and beyond.

The Cambridge Baccalaureate is designed to maximize your learning potential and get you ready for what’s to come during your Bachelor’s. We’ve bundled A-Levels courses together with
IU International University of Applied Sciences‘s Bachelor’s programmes, so you can complete your High School Diploma while already working on your degree.

Everyone deserves a shot at getting a top-notch education.
At Alumnize, it’s our mission to create inclusive, accessible education. And we certainly don’t think a higher secondary school certificate should stand between you and your dream career.

Students between
16 and 19 years
2 year Course
Cambridge A-Level

- Flexible subject combination.
- Allows for specialization.
- Widely recognized by universities around the world.

Download a Qualification Specification

Download this Qualification specification to explore the comprehensive details of the Diplomas in Education and Training offered by NOCN

International Diploma For English Educators

This course is designed to offer a teaching qualification for those hoping to teach in further education. Learners will have the opportunity to work both independently, and with support from their online tutor, to build a portfolio of evidence to prove their competence in each unit.

Minimum age :
19 years
Total hours : 1200
Credits : 120

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Online Lessons – Nisai Virtual Academy

Inclusive and Secure

We offer a variety of long-term, short-term and flexible courses with tried and tested success delivered through live, online lessons, with access to the Nisai London platform. Students will also have access to :
– WordQ technologies
– Unit of Sound technology that fine-tunes your pronunciation and comprehension for rapid progress.
– English Culture Clubs

Experienced, Qualified Teachers

All of our learners are in small, live classes studying at a similar pace and ability. Coupled with trained teachers and well-paced online lessons; our learners receive more attention from their teachers and can therefore progress quicker.

Watch our video below to see how we deliver live online lessons through our virtual academy:

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Alumnize and partners offer you in-depth lessons and activities across the 4 skills needed in TOEFL exams :
Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

You have also the possibility to take pre- test and mock exams for free with the TOEFL Go!® App. 

Study Model :

Online, Hybrid, or face-to-face in one of our offices.

Who can write TOEFL iBT
  • Students seeking admission in a university where language of instruction is English
  • Students seeking admission/exit in/from and English language learning program
  • Seeking scholarship and certification
  • Learners of English who want to know their level of English
  • Students and job seekers applying for visas

Now you're in charge of your professional path

Unlike other study pathway programs offered by other universities, the Cambridge Baccalaureate lets you earn your High school diploma and Bachelor’s degree at the same time, instead of spending 12 months or more on bridging your knowledge gap. 

To help get you started in today’s job market, the Bachelor’s degree you choose is matched with either a Tech Track or a Business Track, to ensure your skills fit your degree requirements. 

The Tech Track

Each track contains 3 modules, which you’ll be taking along with your first Bachelor courses:

Discover the list of online Bachelor programmes in the Tech Track:

The Business Track

The track modules each contain 2 courses on a specific topic — for example, Mathematics AS & Mathematics A. And each course is planned with a workload of ~150 hours which you’ll conclude with an exam.

Embark on your Cambridge journey with IU – International University of Applied Sciences

Immerse yourself in a meticulously structured learning method that boasts:
• Live lessons with interactive courses and lectures.
• Recorded video lessons for your convenience.
• Comprehensive course manuals primed for exam readiness.
• Optionally, harness the expertise of Nisai Academy’s seasoned UK secondary school teachers via Alumnize for dedicated revision support (additional fees may apply).

At IU, we equip you with the full arsenal for Cambridge exam preparation. With a blend of live instruction and a diverse range of resources including scripts, Q&A sessions, slides, videos, podcasts, and more, we ensure you’re well-prepared and poised for success.

The English Teacher Training Offer

Teacher training programmes available from Nisai and accredited by The National Open College Network – NOCN are comprised of mandatory units and optional units that can provide a course that addresses the general overview required but with specialisms coming from units focusing for example on Special Education Needs.
Our programmes
NOCN Level 2 - Continued Professional Development
This aims to provide continued professional development to those involved in delivering education to students of varying ages and across various locations. The topics to be covered within these hourly sessions will support development in a variety of different areas of teaching, providing wider support and awareness.

Length of Course: 12 weeks
NOCN Level 3 - Award in Education & Training
This course is to be undertaken as a personal development programme. It will award an introductory qualification which will allow the student to continue on to a Level 5 teaching qualification.

Length of Course: 6 months
Entry Requirements: 19 years old or above
A portfolio of evidence to prove their competence within each unit.
NOCN Level 4 - Certificate in Education & Training
This is designed to introduce students to teacher training, considering a number of topics that will be relevant within later employment opportunities. A number of different units will be studied, giving students experience within inclusive techniques, assessment and responsibilities.

Length of Course: 1 year
Entry Requirements: 19 years old or above
A portfolio of evidence to prove their competence within each unit.
NOCN Level 5 - Diploma in Education & Training
This is a two year course which is undertaken as a personal development programme. It will award a teaching qualification to those who are able to undertake the required practical elements.

Length of Course: 2 years
Entry Requirements: 19 years old or above
A portfolio of evidence to prove their competence within each unit.